Panera Bread Company Essay

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“A loaf of bread in every arm” is the mission statement of Panera Bread Company (Vincelette & Fogarty, 2010, p.1). Panera started as a small bakery under the name Au Bon Pain and grew to one of the largest fast food service companies in the U.S. In 2008 they had the 5th overall rating in the restaurant industry. “Panera Bread is widely recognized for driving the nationwide trend for specialty breads” (Panera Bread, 2011). Company Timeline Over $3 million in debt and preparing to file for bankruptcy Kane partnered with Ronald Shaich. Shaich saw potential in Kane’s business and the first strategic move was to offer extended menu choices to boost morning sales. From 1981-1984 the company was expanding their business, they were working to…show more content…
The sale of Au Bon Pain lead to their corporate name change to Panera Bread Company. In the early 2000’s the company grew through franchise agreements, acquisitions and expansion. In 2010 Shaich stepped down from his roll of CEO to the company’s executive chairman to focus on concept and strategy. Shaich had what he referred to as concept essence the blueprint of what he wanted to achieve. “Concept essence included a focus on artisan bread, quality products and a warm, and friendly, and comfortable environment” (Vincelette & Fogarty, 2010, p4.). Strategy Panera has three business segments: Company-owned bakery-café, franchise operations and fresh dough operations. The company’s growth strategy was “to grow their store profits, to increase transactions and gross profits per transaction, use capital wisely and put into place drivers for concept differentiations and competitive advantage” (Vincelette & Fogarty, 2010, p7.). In 2009 while everyone else was experiencing the hard economic times Panera Bread was sticking to their strategic plan. Panera did not lay off employees, or worry about closing underperforming stores. Instead, they continued to add menu items and even increased prices on existing items. This strategy worked for them and they were able to take advantage of clientele that came from fine dining. The company has
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