Panera Bread Marketing Mix Proposal Essay

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Signature Frozen Yogurt Table of Contents Executive Summary For the past 28 years we have been committed to offering a wide variety of healthy entrée options at the highest quality for a reasonable price, however, we have never offered a selection of healthy option desserts and therefore have decided to launch a new product, the Signature Frozen Yogurt. This product is a secret blend of all-natural ingredients. One of the most important ingredients is real nonfat milk, which has been certified by the National Yogurt Association to carry the Live and Active Cultures. Regardless of the flavor, our crispy and tangy yogurt is designed to awaken the senses and blend perfectly with each of our freshly cut fruit toppings. It is low …show more content…

The goal is to have customers name Panera Bread as their number one option when asked about their preferences of frozen yogurt. Along with the introduction of the Frozen Yogurt into the New York and California store locations will be an initial investment of $685,816, which consists of all the machinery, installation and training costs for all 154 cafes located in the mentioned states. The forecasted return on investment is predicted to be 0.16, and to break even we would have to obtain sales of 152,765 units at an averaged out price of $4.49, which takes in account all variations for the different prices for different size containers. Based on our established customer list, we expect that 40% of all the people in the states of California and New York will be our customers and that 30% of these customers will be likely to purchase dessert and one of their store visits throughout the year, which we have calculated to be roughly 12-20 times for each individual. In the first year of implementation, from April 2010 to December 2010, we expect to have sell approximately 14,408 units and double sales volume by year end 2011.We expect that this project will increase Earnings Before Tax and Interest (EBIT) by approximately $30,593 and increase Net Income by approximately $18, 968. Business Mission and Vision Our mission statement is “A loaf of bread in every arm and frozen yogurt in each hand.” Our commitment is to actively contribute to the community today through donation

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