Disadvantages Of Micro Level System

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According to Miley, O’Melia, and DuBois, (2012a) micro level systems focuses on working with people, families, or small groups. Working with individuals or families is in an effort to solve problems such as housing, healthcare, transportation, or any other type of social service. The Panhandle Promise Project focuses on working with individual and families this is why the current practice system at the agency is the micro level system. Helping at-risk youth and their families in obtain needed services in order to improve their current living situation in hopes to end the cycle of incarceration with in the family. The mission of the Panhandle Promise Project is to help break the cycle of incarceration with in the family. Because the program is very new, the agency has struggle to find their own offices and at the moment the Episcopal Church has provided an office space for the Executive Director of the program who is the only paid employee at the moment. Children from six to eighteen are accepted in the program. The agency serves any child and…show more content…
During my internship at the agency, it has become evident that living in a rural community has affect many of our clients. These disadvantages have included lack of transportation. Many of the families in the program do not have reliable transportation this has led children miss monthly activities or mentors/interns being the ones that pick-up the children from their homes. Another problem that has become evident in the program is that families lack adequate housing. Many move from one place to another changing addresses and phone numbers; making it hard for the Executive Director and the interns keep in contact with the families and
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