Panic, A Movie Synopsis : Uncontrollable Panic

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Uncontrollable Panic Synopsis Uncontrollable panic is a film based on Charlie Norris, a 24-year-old guy who has been overwhelmed by anxiety ever since he could remember. For a long time, Charlie had lived with the thought that experiencing anxiety was normal. He would be in traffic and voices in his head would take hostage of his brain, he would start imagining that his house was on fire or that he had not locked his house, and everything would be stolen. His situation, however, became worse when one day while he was at a supermarket shopping, abruptly the lights were too bright for his eyes, he felt nauseated, and the world started rushing at him. The voices in his head became magnified making his head swim, his heart rate begun to soar, and he became aware of his breathing at the end he fell to his knees and fainted. He experienced several episodes after that, but since they physiologically expressed themselves, he was not aware that they were panic attacks until his doctor diagnosed him with panic disorder. At the time he was experiencing a lot of anxiety to the extent that he could not leave his house. The illness was so severe that he could not even eat, which reduced his weight, He was, however, treated by a combination of psychotherapy and antidepressants. As part of his healing process, he began to go into situations that induced panic attacks so as to inure himself. Charlie took a total of four years and three relapses for him to get to work, but he is now fine and

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