Panic/Anxiety Disorders In Vietnam Veterans

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Personal Project Essay:
Introduction: American society often forgets that not all scars from combat are visible. People like to focus on supporting veterans that are missing limbs or can’t walk, rather than recognizing there are unseen injuries too. Today, at least 20 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (U.S Department of Veteran Affairs, np), and because society stigmatizes mental disorders, many Veterans with PTSD don’t seek help. PTSD is a serious anxiety disorder. Around 31 percent of Vietnam Veterans are afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (U.S National Department of Medicine, np). Those who suffer from it can have panic attacks triggered from things that seem normal to the average person, and it is for that reason that preventative information needs to be spread to help decrease the factors
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Of course, it is impossible to eradicate every single thing that could trigger an attack, but we should do our best to minimize the possibility of them, and that is what I hope to do by completing my personal project. Panic/Anxiety attacks can be triggered by things like cars backfiring, loud noises, watching the news, fireworks, etc. While we can’t necessarily prevent our veterans from seeing these things, it is important that if they display signs of PTSD that we assist them in seeking help. Signs of PTSD include but are not limited to; avoidance of crowds, insomnia, flashbacks, unsettling
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