Panic At The Disco: A Narrative Fiction

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As I wake up to a slamming on the door. I groaned as my radio alarm played ‘Panic! At the Disco’. “ I’m up!” I say tired of the banging. It continues. “ STOP! I SAID I AM UP!”Frustrated i march over to the door to receive a couple of taps on my abdomen.I look down at my cause for turmoil only so see my younger brother Samuel staring up at me. His brown, red hair is sticking up at the in the back, and he is still in his Jurassic world pajamas. I laugh immediately as every thing clicks in my brain. His eyebrows are arched for he is clueless on what is funny. “Mom set you up for this didn’t she” I say while signing to him. “Yes, yes she did,” he signs back.Of course, my mom would tell my brother to wake everybody. It made sense considering…show more content…
Go over to James room and knock on his door. And then don’t stop till he answers. Then come back to me and I will use a remote that will open his blinds. Okay,” I sign to him, not bothering to talk for not only would it fall upon deaf ears, but annoy him since he is a bad lip reader. He then opens his mouth but hesitates. “ Wha-what issss in it for meh-me,” Sam replies trying out some new words in the process. He had been going to speech for the past 3 months and still hesitant to speak around people. I smiled as spoke. His voice was adorable. I then realized that one day it will be deep and full of sarcasm and angst. Snapping out of my thoughts I countered with “Cinnamon pancake, bacon, eggs,” He looked happy at this response but hid it. He waved his hand as if begging me to go on. “And I will make you B.O.L.T.” Satisfied with this he walks off to unleash havoc. I walk into my room and grab my clothes I choose sunday night. I have wanted to get revenge on James and Sam since sunday. So me being myself, I hacked into his phone and texted his girlfriend that he is going to spend the night over on Wednesday. Then she responded ‘ Yeah you should totally come over. We can binge watch Stephen king and stuff. It would be fun. Plus you can help me study for mr.Clarke quiz.’ I then deleted the text I sent so then it seems like it was her idea. So now not only will my mom wake up from the loud banging caused by her youngest son but she will also figure
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