Panic Disorder And Anxiety Disorder

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Introduction According to Torpy (2011), Panic Disorder refers to an overwhelming fear, terror, or fright that is usually referred to as panic, one that happens to an individual several times in his or her life. She goes on to describe panic as a situation that is short-lived and frequently related to a terrifying event that happens in an individual’s life. The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to provide a detailed discussion that shows a definitive picture of panic disorder. In order to enhance one’s understanding on what a panic disorder is, it will be necessary to examine some things like the symptoms and prevalence rate of panic disorder, how different cultures views panic disorder, the age at which the onset of panic disorder comes, some of the gender features in relation to panic disorder with emphasis on whether it manifests differently in boys as it does in girls. It is also necessary to discuss the etiology of panic disorder, the course and prognosis of the condition, as well as, a differential diagnosis that appears similar to panic disorder. Finally, there will be a need to describe the social effects of panic disorder in order to show how an individual with panic disorder gets affected socially.
Panic Disorder Statistics from the American Psychological Association (2015) indicate that one person out of every 75 people might be suffering from panic disorder. Referring to it as a serious condition, they go on to explain that panic disorder is a common
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