Panic Disorder Research Paper

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We all experience fear or some anxiety when faced with a stressful situation. When that fear becomes ongoing, it can be known as panic disorder. Panic disorder occurs when a person suffers from recurrent panic attacks that cause them to live in constant fear. The panic attacks are an unreasonable fear response to a typically non-threatening situation. There is no way to predict these attacks as they can be triggered at any time. Typically they last anywhere from one to ten minutes. The person becomes constantly worried about having another attack which greatly affects their ability to function and disturbs their quality of life. They might avoid certain situations or places in attempt to prevent another attack. There are numerous causes and symptoms for panic disorder and many ways for it to be treated.…show more content…
If one or multiple family members develop panic disorder, it is likely others in the family will too. Though there has been no specific gene or biological characteristic that proves this connection, there is a definite correlation between family history of panic disorder and an increased risk in others in the family. Goldberg, J. (2014, February 11) Anxiety & Panic Disorders Health Center. Retrieved from Another known cause is stress. Having high levels of stress is a trigger for panic disorder. This could be caused by anything from a loss of a loved one, a major life transition, or a devastating event. Panic disorder can also be caused by certain medical conditions such as Hyperthyroidism, Hypoglycemia, Withdrawal of drugs/medication, and stimulant use. Smith, M. & Segal, J. (2015, August 15) Panic Attacks & Panic Disorder. Retrieved from
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