Pan's Labyrinith by Guillermo del Toro

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These two narrative perspectives from both the “mythical world” and the “real world” are juxtaposed together by using Ofelia in a fashion that allows the two perspective narratives to develop in an interfaced manner as the film progresses. “Pan’s Labyrinth” is a film that is primarily set in the territory of fascist Spain on the military base of Captain Vidal. The film’s story revolves around a pregnant mother and her daughter Ofelia. Ofelia and her mother are traveling through the mountains of Spain to reach Captain Vidal’s military base. Ofelia is a young girl with a wild imagination, as well as a diverse engrossment with fairy tale, books, and mythology. Upon Ofelia arrival at the Spanish military base she meets her step-father to be Captain Vidal. Ofelia would quickly learn that he is a dark, strict, and merciless individual. Soon after Ofelia meets her step-father Captain Vidal, Ofelia stumbles on the ruins of an old Labyrinth. While exploring the labyrinth Ofelia meets a faun who informs her that she comes from royalty and is a princess from the “Underworld”. The faun further explains, that if Ofelia wants to see her father from the “Underworld”, she must successfully complete three tasks to prove her worth. The task given to her, and the faun himself are products of the “mythical world”. While…
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