Pansit Pansitan Research

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Background of the Study
Early liquid hand soaps were made primarily for hospitals, restaurants and public facilities where regular hand washing was required. The original soaps were thicker and required a particular type of pump dispenser to deliver the product. The dispensers were expensive in spite of the fact that they clogged easily and were in constant need of repair or replacement. This combination of problems kept liquid soaps out of the household for many years. Eventually, consumer demand for a home version of liquid soap could not be ignored, nor could the additional qualities the customer wanted from the soap be overlooked. Some wanted soap that would soften hands. Some wanted one that soothed irritated
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The first 3 set-ups will be the experimental set-ups. They will be Set-ups A, B and C. Set-up A will contain 12.5 mL of pansit- pansitan extract, 2.5 mL of triethanolamine, 3.75 mL of gel solution, 1.25 mL of fragrance oil, 3.75 mL of polykleer and 1.25 mL of water.

Set-up B will contain 18.75 mL of pansit- pansitan extract, 1.25 mL of triethanolamine, 1.90 mL of gel solution, 0.60 mL of fragrance oil, 1.90 mL of polykleer and 0.60 mL of water.

Set-up C will contain 6.50 mL of pansit- pansitan extract, 3.75 mL of triethanolamine, 5.60mL of gel solution, 1.90 mL of fragrance oil, 5.60 mL of polykleer, 1.90 mL of water, Set- up D will be the commercial liquid hand soap which will be the control group.

Only the anti-bacterial property of the Pansit-pansitan hand soap in terms of Total Mean Zone of Inhibition, Reactivity Rating and Inhibitory Activity Rating will be determined. To do this, all the samples will be submitted to the Department of Science and Technology-Taguig (DOST-Taguig) for laboratory analysis. To analyze the results, they will be subjected to t-test. This will identify if there is a significant difference among the set-ups.

Definition of Terms 1. Inhibitory Activity- the ability of a substance to resist the penetration of microorganisms such as bacteria. 2. Reactivity Rating- It specifies the rate at which the liquid hand soap reacts with the staphylococcus aureus. 3. Total Mean Zone of Inhibition-

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