Pansit-Pansitan as Organic Facial Cleanser

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As organic facial cleanser


Driven by what teenagers had experienced nowadays, this science investigatory project was pushed
Through by the proponents with a lot of guiding, inspiring and loving help from the following:
To our co-proponents, for the time, patience and cooperation, we have done something we can be proud
To our mentor and adviser, Mr. Lhester Jay Salao for giving us the opportunity to learn and lending a
Helping hand whenever we need one.
To our beloved parents, who supported us with love and guidance.
To Our Almighty Father, for giving us the grace, the wisdom and perseverance of seeing His creations in
A new kind of way. For providing what we need in making this project a
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We always have that “pleasing personality” in every job position that we applied for. What is pleasing personality then?

Our lifestyle, polluted environment and the unending stress causes pimples, acne and wrinkles.
Being free from these facial problems can boost the morale and confidence of an individual.
So the proponents thought that the best way for us teenagers to fight these problems is to formulate an organic facial cleanser.

It is important that such studies should be made for further test on the effectiveness of this herbal plant. Abstract

The purpose of this investigative study project is to determine the effectiveness of the herbal plant. Pansit-Pansitan extract as organic facial cleanser. The parts plant were selected, it must be clean and healthy. The washed leaves and stems of the plant were boiled in a clean small stainless pot for five minutes in medium heat. It was cooled down and was transferred to a two clean glass container. This container was labeled as A. Another container holds the same extract but 40% alcohol was added on the said solution. This container was labeled as B. Both of the containers were stored at room temperature. The extract of the said plant was used by a certain individual on her skin for duration of one week. Photographs of her pimpled face was taken before and after the usage of the extract. With the photographs as evidences, the results proved that this herbal plant is effective and

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