Panspermia And The Demise Of Humanity

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The possibility of the world ending is something that is in the back of many people’s minds. It is the ultimate death. It is the end of not only yourself, but the end of humanity as a whole. There are many ways that this could happen, ranging from Asteroids colliding with our planet, to alien invasion, and even self annihilation via war. I am focusing on something that is very improbable, but just might lead to the demise of humanity. Alien invasion. Most people think of alien invasions as a giant war with another spacefaring, sentient race, however, it can come as a more subtle, possibly even more deadly way. An alien pandemic has multiple ways of killing our race, from the infection itself, to self annihilation. The possibility of the world…show more content…
“Panspermia is a Greek word that translates literally as "seeds everywhere" ( Panspermia theory is that “seeds” of life exist throughout the universe, propagated via cosmic scale expansion and explosions. “More mechanisms for panspermia include the deflection of interstellar dust by solar radiation pressure and extremophile microorganisms traveling through space within an asteroid, meteorite or comet.” ( These seeds can be any form of microorganism, and can range from carbon life forms (Like humans and all living organisms we know so far) to life based on other…show more content…
It is entirely possible for a microorganism to be made up without amino acids, or DNA, and still be deadly to humans. It can have a different chemical backbone, it can be extremely heat or cold resistant, resistant to radiation, UV light, and in the case of an intentional invasion, and it could be made so that all modern treatments are ineffective. The possibility of the world ending due to spacefaring, or alien bacteria entering our atmosphere and destroying the human race is a great possibility. Death by pandemic is scary, as is every apocalypse theory. Though Death by a spacefaring race of bacteria is entirely possible and might lead to humanities demise it is statistically improbable, and is something that should not be thought of on a daily
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