Pantaloons Case Study

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Case Study2: Pantaloons Retail India Limited Abstract: This case talks about Pantaloons Retail India Limited, a growing company in the still nascent apparel retail sector in India. The case has brief description of the Indian Retail industry and the changes happening in the industry with the development of smaller cities and towns and also about the customers changing behavior. The case then discusses about how Pantaloons have are capturing this market and the evolution of the Pantaloons store brands. About the Indian Retail Industry: The Indian apparel retail industry is amidst a revolutionary phase and is booming. The change in the apparel retail industry is not only in the urban areas but also in the rural areas of the country. It is…show more content…
* Early adopter of the latest trends in fashion, good store experience and customer service. * Brand recognition and also its presence in web retailing. * No bad reputation because of environmental pollution or child labor. WEAKNESS: * The number of Pantaloon Outlets available across the country is very limited. * Products available on e-retailing are also very limited. * Inability to develop customer loyalty. * Cannibalization of sales by ‘Big bazaar’ another chain of stores under PRIL. OPPURTUNITIES: * Opening of new malls not only in the metro’s but also in smaller cities and towns. * Concept of rural malls becoming more famous across the country. * With more middle class families having more disposable income and also the population of the youth(below 25) expected to increase almost by 50% , we can expect a growth in retailing sector.(Images-KSA) * Customers becoming more brand conscious. THREATS: * Governments changing policy with Foreign Direct Investment, entry of foreign retailers could be a major threat. * Increasing cost of raw materials could be a big concern as price is a big concern for most Indian consumers. * Competitors opening more number of stores around the location of Pantaloons. * Although more malls are being opened, the shopping culture has still not evolved in India. PANTALOON MODEL: Pantaloons sells apparel and accessories categorized under men’s casual, men’s formal wear, ladies ethnic and
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