Pantheon of Rome and the Parthenon of Athens

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The invention of architectural objects boosted the construction industry and among the results of architecture was building of temples. Since the ancient people like the romans had beliefs in gods, they constructed temples, places of worship. Among them were the Pantheon of Rome and the Parthenon of Athens.
Style of Pantheon of Rome and culture
The temple has a coffered concrete dome of which the romans believed that the temple was dedicated to planetary deities. The pantheon had an Orb which was a simple of the universe and this showed the supremacy of the emperor over the world. Additionally, there were also has seven niches for the altars and statues. At that time there were seven well known planets. Also on the dome, it is seen a central ring of the Oculus which is surrounded by 5 rings of coffers. These can be related to the heliocentric view of the cosmos having the sun in the center and Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Moon around it.
Function of the Pantheon of Rome
Used for worshipping gods of ancient Rome. It is of great importance to note that the romans were keen on astrology. Among the purposes of the Pantheon was that it was a temple-cum-planetarium made to bring down the heavens to the earth and to then trap their perfection within the building and cast a heavenly blessing on the Emperor's earthly power.
The pantheon…
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