Papa-Daddy Character Analysis

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Part A:
• Personage: Human being
• When analyzing a character look at their actions, their name, their appearance, and their dialogue.
• It is better to use the words protagonist and antagonist when talking about modern fiction instead of heroes and villains because the character is ordinary and necessarily a “good guy”
• Major character are the main part of a story and we figure out the most about them. Minor characters do play a part they help shapes that the reader thinks of the major character
• Round: they are complex
• Flat: characters that are predictable
• Static: character that does not change
• Dynamic: character that changes
• We need to be able to read characters by seeing the way the act, talk, or respond to situations like we do in our own life.

Part B:

The protagonist of the story is Sister. I would not consider her as a hero. Sister keeps making the assumption that Stella-Rondo’s child Shirley-T is hers, after being told many times that she was adopted. Also, she takes back everything that she had in the house and goes off to live at the post office, without thinking about her family’s feelings. Sister does not portray the nice and caring characteristics of a hero instead she is jealous and outspoken.

A minor character in the story is
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She thinks that Stella-Rondo’s husband Mr. Whitaker left her and she is happy about it, because she knew him first and Stella-Rondo stole him from her. Near the end of the story Sister gathers up all of her things from around the house even if her parents do not want her to and moves to the post office. “So I just picked up the kitchen clock and marched off, without saying” (446). This shows that she is does not care about what others think or feel as long as she gets her way and does not care that she is alone. Her family thinks that she is determined, mean, and direct. Sister is also, hard to get along with and everyone is turned against
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