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Papa Jack For a book that is a must read in class, Papa Jack: Jack Johnson and the Era of White Hopes is a book that really is a must read. I remember hearing the term about giving someone a Jack Johnson, but I never knew where the term came from. For example, they use this saying in Anchorman and now that I know who the saying is about, I find it to be even funnier. Anyway, if you are someone who likes sports or history of sports, then you should read Jack: Jack Johnson and the Era of White Hopes because it gives a description as to how a young African American came to rise to the top at a time where this was unheard of. This is almost like an underdog story, but it turned out that Jack Johnson was the best regardless of this skin…show more content…
This is also remarkable because many other African Americans were being lynched for becoming involved with a white woman, but Johnson being Johnson, he did not care about what others thought about him seeing white women. After waiting and chasing Burns around, Johnson finally got the opportunity to fight against Burns. The fight was in late 1908 and was also for the heavyweight championship. While fighting, Johnson ended up beating up on Burns for the racial comments that Burn was spitting out before the bought. Johnson would actually hold Burns up when Burns would try to fall. This was so that he could deliver even more of a beating. Even the crowd was yelling racial slurs, but Johnson would just smile and just beat on Burns even more. Jack Johnson had become the heavyweight champion. White people were still not ready to call Johnson their champion because they did not consider Burns the true champion since Johnson destroyed him. Even after Johnson won the heavyweight championship, places did not like having him around. For example, while traveling around the country to celebrate his victory, hotels would not let Johnson stay in them. This is because Johnson was not only African American but also because he was traveling around with white women. As stated earlier, white folks did not like a black man with a white woman. Even though Johnson was not very popular in the streets, he was still popular in the
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