Papain Limitations

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Limitations of Experimental Design: The major aspect of the experiment was the use of papain (meat tenderizer) as a supplement for stomach acid. The tenderizer actually worked surprisingly well as each trial saw significant losses in mass; and in similar ways to how they would within the human stomach. One aspect that did not work as well however, was the recording of mass following 24 hours. It was at times difficult to separate the meat and water absorbed from the cups in each trial which may have caused some of the trials to have higher masses than they should have had following the experiment, taking away the accuracy of certain measurements.
One experimental weakness that impacted the lab was the way in which each trial of meat was cut. It was difficult to separate one 15 gram piece of meat from its overall bundle of 75 grams, meaning that occasionally multiple pieces of meat were placed into each cup so as to reach the necessary mass of 15 grams (controlled variable value) prior to the experiment. Therefore, following the lab, each separate piece may not have been taken out of its cup for measurement, making the difference between processed data and the controlled variable larger than it should’ve been. A limitation
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Moreover, larger portions of meat could have been used in the experiment to avoid the difficulty of matching a desired mass. A larger controlled variable for the mass of each meat would have been much easier to match prior to the experiment, allowing each trial to contain one solid structure instead of multiple pieces that could’ve been lost in the solution of water and meat tenderizer. Both possible solutions would ensure that any data recorded in this lab would yield more accurate
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