Paparazzi Go Too Far

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When the Paparazzi Go Too Far
1. Introduction Everyone who is interested in pop culture and the entertainment industry knows who the paparazzi are. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the term paparazzi is defined as “a free lance photographer who aggressively pursues celebrities for the purpose of taking candid photographs.” The term actually came from a film from the 1960’s called ‘La Dolce Vita’, directed by Federico Fellini. A character in the film was a news photographer named Paparazzo. Paparazzi target celebrities and public figures that are in the spotlight. In recent years, the paparazzi have taken their job of snapping photos to another extent. They will go to any length to get the shot of a celebrity, even if
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Instead, the paparazzi chose to take pictures of the dying princess during her last few moments alive. Princess Diana had two sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, that were ages 12 and 15 when She died. It was said that the three paparazzi that were taking the photos were charged by French officials but in 2002 the charges were dropped (13). Can you imagine how it felt for them not only to lose their mother but to see the photos of their mother laying on a gurney, cut up and trying to cling on to life? Meanwhile, those paparazzi and their publishers were making a pretty penny from the photographs. There are other cases of celebrities who have fallen to victims of the paparazzi. Justin Bieber was involved in an incident where he was driving on freeway 101 in Los Angeles California and 4 to 5 vehicles of paparazzi were following him. As Bieber tried to escape by speeding, the paparazzi stayed right on his tail. This kind of activity went on for about 15 miles until an officer pulled Bieber over for speeding. While the officer was proceeding with the citation, the paparazzi took pictures of all the action. After the officer pulled away and Bieber continued his drive down freeway 101 the paparazzi returned (2). Bieber had called 911 as he was trying to get away from them he told the dispatcher about the situation saying, “They 're being very dangerous, swerving around other cars trying to get

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