Paparazzi Privacy Of Privacy

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Paparazzi are a living nightmare for the celebrities. Imagine living in a place where you cannot control on how much you wanted to expose yourself, just because you are a celebrity. There are always two sides of a coin and being a celebrity has its pros and cons. Does life as a celebrity with its fame, glitter and wealth is worth the price of privacy? The answer would likely be no. When signing a contract to become a celebrity, unintentionally a person is letting go one of the most crucial aspects in life and that is privacy. Being a celebrity is just the same as any other occupation such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and so on. Unfortunately, the right of privacy had been taken from the celebrities’ grasp even without their consent. Thus, celebrity's privacy should be protected as there is lack of respect in the privacy rights of an individual, personal enjoyment is not a justification for harming others and some paparazzi are extremely aggressive. First and foremost, celebrity's privacy should be protected as there happen to be lack of respect in the privacy rights of an individual with the title 'celebrities'. The paparazzi are indeed violating the citizen's right of privacy as being given by the authority. According to Jones (2010), there are many laws that had recognised privacy as a basic human right and…show more content…
Society should already realise that celebrities are also normal human beings and they are just ordinary people with ordinary life. Violation of their privacy rights for the sake of enjoyment of the society is definitely unacceptable. Individuals including media must behave in a respectful manner towards a person's private and family life. Respect between individuals is a crucial value it is essential to ensure peace and harmony in the society. The importance of respect is highlighted by The Golden Rule that is to earn respect, we must first respect others
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