Celebrities Research Paper

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Can fame and fortune make you happy? Many celebrities will tell you it does not. Celebrities have no privacy. The paparazzi also causes them stress. While celebrities do get fame and money, I would say it is not worth the stress and attention. Celebrities have no privacy. On page 15 of the Scope Magazine, Beyonce' said, " Stepping out of my front door gives me anxiety." No privacy has also turned celebs like Shia LaBeouf, and Justin Bieber to go crazy. Privacy also causes celebrities not to have good relationships with friends. The paparazzi causes celebrities stress. On page 14 of Scope Magazine, it states, " Justin Bieber was drunk driving and vandalizing." Shia LaBeouf has also had effects of stress. She has had drinking and drug problems, just like Justin Bieber. These are just a few of the examples of what stress can do to you.…show more content…
Some would disagree, but for me it is too much to handle. Can fame and fortune make you happy? As you can see from the facts I have provided, fame and fortune would not make me happy. Celebrities have no privacy. The paparazzi causes a dangerous amount of stress. Celebrities, on many occasions, have turned into bad people from no privacy, and continuous stress, like Justin Bieber and Shia
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