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Papaya Cultivation Practices

Papaya Cultivation In India
Papaya, papaw or papita (Carica papaya L.) originated from tropical America, has become a popular fruit due to its fast growth, high yield, long fruiting period and high nutrient value as well.

In addition it has been use as vegetable, fruit processing, and papain production at immature stage. It can be a highly profitable crop now.
The papaya plant has male, female, hermaphrodite (bisexual flower) and some other complex forms.Male plants do not bear any fruit, Normally the fruit shape from female plant is shorter, but the fruit shape from hermaphrodite (bisexual flower) plant is longer.

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For better aeration, the film may be covered during the cool night or heavy rain period and opened in the warm day time. The site of the bag, pot or tray should be changed if the roots of seedling penetrate into the soil. In this way, it will induce more new roots and healthy seedlings.


A. Transplanting stage:
When the seedling is 10 -15 cm tall, it should be transplanted, but 30-40 cm is also all right if it is grown in a larger container.

B. Spacing:
A 40-60 cm high bed is required if the soil is not well drained. Normally, the distance between rows is about 2-2.5 m, and 2 m between plants (or 3m x 3m when grown at sloping land, or 2.7 m of distance between beds for the tractor practice).The total number of plants for each hectare is about 2,000 to 2, 5000. In case of eradication of undesirable sexual or virus infected plants later, the distance between plants at beginning of planting may be 1.2-1.5 m.

C. Pollinator Plants:
Minimum10-20% hermaphrodite plants are required for pollination.

D. Planting method:
(A) Black-and-white plastic mulching film on the beds can be used to:
(a) Reduce the loss of water and fertilizer nutrient
(b) Control weed
(c) Repel the winged aphids
(d) Decrease virus infection at young stage
(e) Decrease bed soil erosion.

(B) Drill the planting hole about 45 cm in diameter and 30 cm in depth.
The soil in the hole is mixed with compost for planting. Then
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