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Unit 8 Project Courtney Cook June 12, 2010 Employment and Staffing Dr. Sherri Beasley Background checks are a useful tool for employers to determine the fit of a candidate to the organization. They pull up any issues or discrepancies that may not have been provided by the candidate during the interview. It is very important that during the interview, the candidate is advised that there will be a background and reference check conducted so that they cannot say they did not know. After the background check has come back, the interviewer needs to decide whether or not to hire the candidate. How do the results of the background check influence your decision to hire the applicant? Do you still hire the applicant, despite the…show more content…
Using Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which “regard to using information acquired during the criminal investigation as a basis for denying employment, unless it is determined to be job-related or dictated by business necessity” (Arthur, 2006). Ms. Cook’s drug possession does not have any bearing on the job she will be required to do. She will have to succumb to periodic drug tests after she is hired in order to make sure that she is continuing to use them after she is hired. If the drug charge is only a misdemeanor, there is not a problem with hiring her, it is only when she has been convicted of a felony that she will not be considered for employment. Though she has used drugs, it cannot be determined if she used them while on the job, or if that is part of the reason as to why she is seeking employment. Since she did sign a consent form authorizing the company to conduct a drug test on her, she is showing that she has nothing to hide and will be willing to explain the conviction. If you did choose to hire the applicant, what additional pre-employment tests might you require of the applicant before employment can begin? Explain. Other tests that would me to determine whether or not to hire Ms. Cook include psychological tests, drug tests, and computer-based testing. Psychological tests include “general intelligence tests that measure a wide range of traits;

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