Paper 2 - the Growth of Contemporary Christianity in Sudan

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PAPER 3 – THE GROWTH OF CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIANITY IN SUDAN PRESENTED TO PROFESSOR MARK NICKENS FOR CHHI 302 – DO1 BY REV. JOSEPH T. WHITAKER, III LU23755920 LIBERTY UNIVERSITY LYNCHBURG VIRGINIA NOVEMBER 29, 2014 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 NORTH SUDAN---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOUTH SUDAN----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------…show more content…
The northern Sudanese see themselves as Arabs and very strongly disown any association with skin color as belonging to Africa, rather than being identified with Arabia. As in most Muslim countries, it is nearly impossible to launch the Lord’s Great Commission. It is not uncommon for Christian believers to suffer martyrdom at the hands of fanatical Muslims. Nevertheless, Christ’s Church still grows and flourishes. 3 The terrible civil wars that have occurred in the Sudan have resulted in northern Sudan being predominately Islamic. Sudan’s Muslims in the north have been implementing Shariah Islamic Law procedures against Christians. Millions of people have died and been displaced because of the civil wars. Daniel Bul, the bishop of the Episcopal Church of Sudan reported concerning church growth in the Sudan that the church is in fact growing, and that most visible in the Anglicans. The Catholic Church, the Pentecostals, and Presbyterians have experienced great growth. The growth is attributed to the reality of the harshness of over 20 years of horrible civil war. People have been left in a position that there really wasn’t any place of comfort left to turn to except God and His gospel message of hope and

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