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The Batteries form a significant part of many electronic devices. Typical electrochemical batteries or cells convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Batteries based on the charging ability are classified into primary and secondary cells. Secondary cells are widely used because of their rechargeable nature. Presently, battery takes up a huge amount of space and contributes to a large part of the device's weight. There is strong recent interest in ultrathin, flexible, safe energy storage devices to meet the various design and power needs of modern gadgets. New research suggests that carbon nanotubes may eventually provide the best hope of implementing the flexible batteries which can shrink our gadgets even more. The paper
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The capacity in watt-hours is equal to the capacity in ampere-hours multiplied by the battery voltage.


Cutoff Voltage final - The prescribed lower-limit voltage at which battery

discharge is considered complete. The cutoff or final voltage is usually chosen so that the maximum useful capacity of the battery is realized.


C - Used to signify a charge or discharge rate equal to the capacity of a battery

divided by 1 hour. Thus C for a 1600 mAh battery would be 1.6 A, C/5 for the same battery would be 320 mA and C/10 would be 160 mA.


Capacity - The capacity of a battery is a measure of the amount of energy that it

can deliver in a single discharge. Battery capacity is normally listed as amp-hours (or milli amp-hours) or as watt-hours.



Cathode - Is an electrode that, in effect, oxidizes the anode or absorbs the

electrons. During discharge, the positive electrode of a voltaic cell is the cathode. When charging, that reverses and the negative electrode of the cell is the cathode.


Cycle - One sequence of charge and discharge.


Cycle Life - For rechargeable batteries, the total number of charge/discharge

cycles the cell can sustain before its capacity is significantly reduced. End of life is usually considered to be reached when the cell or battery delivers only 80% of rated ampere- hour capacity.


Electrochemical Couple - The system of active materials within a cell that

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