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Paper – BoldFlash BoldFlash Inc. was founded in 1982 in Waltham Massachusetts and was involved in manufacturing of computer storage media like floppy disks as well as various other product mixes. Presently the company is facing turbulent times because of the inability to keep up with highly dynamic market and customer demands. There have been various reasons for breakdown in communication and teamwork. Bad management and autocratic style of leadership led to a decline of the company in regards to product innovation. At present, there is an urgent need for introducing a new innovative product in the market to make a comeback and an organizational change for a longer term. Conflicting performance metrics and Goal Incongruence Different…show more content…
Fostering cross-functional collaboration The four departments within the Mobile Division do not work in collaboration and the unit recently failed to capitalize on a big product opportunity. The focus on industry demand is minimal and the focus tends to be only on immediate superior goals of the department. To address the problem, Cahill has to develop an action plan for improvement in cross functional collaboration. As the head of the Mobile Division, Cahill has a key role in the team and the organization at large. He should emphasize on creating and supporting an environment where Directors from Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Manufacturing are open to new ideas, can provide constructive feedback, and will work to bring viable cost effective ideas. The Directors should be made responsible for the activities within their department. For every goal, all the departments within the division should be equally responsible to perform the Lata Page 3 activities which should be defined properly. Sales and Marketing can help Product Development to incorporate consumer’s voice in their innovations. Manufacturing can provide feedbacks on new products for cost efficient techniques. Cahill should get the senior staff on board and all the changes and objectives should be communicated properly with other employees. Relationship and coordination between various departments

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