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Paper Case study Nantonia ICT Strategy & Planning Master : ICT in Business Location : University, Leiden Course : ICT Strategy & Planning Assignment : Paper Case study Nantonia Date : 3 June 2011 Name : Suraj Soerdjbali Studentnr : Teacher : ------------------------------------------------- Part 1 The business model: 1. Partners: Natepco is a subsidiary of Natonia Energy Holdings. Which on their turn have a joint venture with Prime Energy Group and Government of Natonia 2. Key activities: The key activities of Natepco are exploration and production 3. Key resources: The key resources of Natepco are sell crude oil to commodity markets and gas (LHG) to power/electricity producers 4. Value…show more content…
And IT maxims that should later support the 10 year vision: * Producing at lowest costs through better use of IT in well monitoring and field automation; * Improving communication between production sites and (overseas) gas customers; * A high quality, easy accessible data warehouse; * Accelerated development of young graduate staff within the IT department. ------------------------------------------------- Part 2 Organizational governance problems: Within Natepco there are a lot of issues going wrong. A lot of employees are complaining about the way the IT department is working with in the organisation. The exploration manager complains that the IT department doesn’t really understand what business Natepco is in. The IT department take too long to resolve problems. He makes a point that the IT department is a joke. The Quality manager complains that the IT department isn’t equally aligned with the vision for Natepco. A support engineer explains that he never saw any figures on how IT is doing. He claims that
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