Paper Clip Lab

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Paper Clip Lab By: Daniel Del Carmen Mrs. McCormic IBH Biology 12 August 30, 2012 Background Information: You should find on some parts of your body you can feel the separate points when they are only a few millimeters apart, while for other parts of the body you may need a centimeter or more between them. When we touch something, it changes the shape of our skin slightly. We have nerve cells in our skin that detect these changes in shape and send a message to our brains, letting us know we have touched something. For you to tell the difference between one or two points touching your skin, the points need to be far enough apart to stimulate separate sensors. The different distances you will have found for different parts of…show more content…
The average person felt one point being pressed against them on the back of their neck and at their bicep. But at their knee, palm and tip of the index finger, they were able to feel both tips of the paperclip. Conclusion: My hypothesis of, if two points of a 2cm wide paper clip are pressed on different parts of the body such as the tip of the index finger, the back of the neck, the palm of the hand, the bicep, and the knee, then I will be able to determine that different parts of the body are more sensitive than others by checking if one or two points of the paper clip were felt after being poked, was proven to be true. From the results it is clear to see that different parts of your body happen to be more sensitive than others such as your finger tips and the back of your neck. All of the human subjects were able to feel both tips of the paperclip at the tip of their index finger while only being able to feel a point on the
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