Paper Cuts Is A Poem Written By Poet, Michael Faudet, In

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Paper Cuts is a poem written by poet, Michael Faudet, in his book “Dirty Pretty Things”, which was published in November of 2014. The book is a collection of Faudet’s works, which seem to all express the themes of love, loss and lust. The main rhyme scheme in the poem is found in the third line of each stanza which all end with an “-eding” sound. The rhythm of paper cuts when read aloud is catchy and whimsical, almost like a nursery rhyme. However the content of the poem is rather somber in comparison. The first lines of each stanza are the only ones, which are not indented, much like an MLA works cited page. It is safe to say that this is a trait, which is found often in Faudet’s free verse poems, which can be noticed often in “Dirty…show more content…
So just because the love was “unsaid” doesn’t mean it didn’t ever exist. This points to the strong notion that the speaker may have been friend zoned, or trapped in some sort of love triangle. In this case it is likely that the “words” are referring to the woman her loves professing her love for someone else. It is being shred because it is practically useless and does nothing but take up space. In fact the action of “shredding” something is often something done to important personal documents such as credit card statements so that others can’t obtain them and use them. So it is safe to say that the speaker wants to shred the remnants of his paper heart and love so that no one else can further obtain them and cause harm. The connection can be made that the “love unsaid” referred to in the second stanza is in fact the remnants of the torn up pieces of the paper heart from the first stanza.
The first line in the third stanza is a simile comparing the shredded pieces of the love unsaid to “cursed confetti”. This is a very peculiar comparison because confetti is something, which is often used to express celebration. This is an example of irony and shows slight signs of humor, like the speaker is almost able to laugh at his or her own pain. The confetti is being “tossed and thrown”, which is interesting because although these two actions are similar they carry very different emotions. When something is tossed it is often very nonchalantly and playfully. Meanwhile a

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