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Billy Spitzley
Mrs. Armstrong
English 101-10
8 December 2015
Hurricanes Manifestations of Disaster Winds of disaster, waves of multitude, preparations galore, the wait is on to determine the outcome of a hurricane. Being one of the most devastating and feared natural disasters, hurricanes are a brutal and unpredictable force. Never knowing what could happen or what they will do, forewarning and preparation for hurricanes are highly recommended. A hurricane is a form of a tropical cyclone or severe tropical storm that occurs in the eastern Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Southern Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico ( The cause of a hurricane is a force of nature, but the effects that follow are to land,
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Scientists can study, form opinions, and send warnings, but the hurricane is a force that can turn on temperature, atmospheric pressure, and just general elements. As with the unpredictability of a hurricane, once Katrina made landfall it weakened to a category three still maintaining winds of 125 miles per hour. As it moved inland she weakened to a category one, yet the winds had already slammed the land it had reached. Resulting in storm surges and battering waves, collapsing barriers, and creating extensive flooding causing eighty percent of New Orleans’ enlarged portions of nearby areas to become flooded with the water which would not recede for weeks. This is the largest displacement of population since the Great Depression of over one million people (Zimmermann.) Scientific proof is that stronger hurricanes can reach up to forty to fifty feet high in the sky and can range in mph. The hurricane needs the Coriolis force to form. It is stronger in the Northern Hemisphere and weaker near the Equator. The Southern Hemisphere experiences half the hurricane activity that the Northern does. When the hurricane forms, it can be large enough to carry winds of exasperating speeds and reach a diameter measurement of 600-800 kilometers ( The eye of the hurricane can be as large as thirty-two kilometers. What is strange is in the eye, the wind is usually calm. The temperature and weather place factors in the

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