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Question 4: Weigh the pros and cons of filling key roles from outside of the organization, and compare to the benefits of promoting from within. When Bob Lazier took the role as CEO of Lazier Industries, he immediately implemented a strategic plan that focused on introducing a select few new products which could be sold into LI’s existing customer base. He always believed that the company had the potential to broaden its offering, leveraging the strong relationships the company had built with its clients to sell additional lines of components. This leads me to my first pro of filling key roles from outside of the organization- there are broader ideas which are brought to the table, as well as new experiences. Sometimes, when people work…show more content…
New external hires may not develop the same sense of company loyalty current employees have because of current trends of job hopping to the highest bidder. This could result to a high turnover rate within the company. Compared to external recruitment, internal recruitment can be very beneficial to not only the employee, but the company as well. There’s a balance to be made between searching outside for the best talent, and using the in-house pool of potential candidates to fill the position. The first advantage or benefit of promoting within the company is that internal recruitment is cheaper. The company doesn’t have to pay for print or online recruiting ads ( Having less applications means that less time needs to be committed to sifting and sorting through applications, which in return means less man power is needed. Another benefit of promoting with the company is that the internal recruits already know the business. This means that they won’t need as much onboarding as a new hire, and the company culture doesn’t have to be explained to them. Because they have lived it, they should be able to fit right in without much of a settling period. One last benefit to promoting within the company is the proven loyalty the internal recruit has proven to the organization. Employee loyalty is as important as customer loyalty. It is often times beneficial to a company when they combine and integrate

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