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Assignment 3: Legal and Ethical Considerations in Marketing, Product Safety, and Intellectual Property Quincy McAdoo Dr. Teresa Smallwood LEG 500- Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance 08 Sep 2013 Assignment 3 Legal and ethical considerations Marketing and advertising Marketing is composed of the performance of business activities, which direct the flow of goods and services from the manufacturers to the consumer. Bothe the advertising and marketing industries operate within federal regulations that are monitored by the federal trade commission. The advertisers have to be careful and act ethically taking extra care when making their adverts. Each aspect of marketing such as pricing, promotion, development and sales has a…show more content…
Privacy in this era is threatened by the growth in technology with capacity that is enhanced for surveillance, storage, communication as well as computation. Moreover, the increased value of this information in decision making is one of the insidious threats. For this reason, information and its privacy are actually threatened and less privacy is assured. Accuracy - who is responsible for the authenticity accuracy and fidelity of information and who is to be held accountable for the errors that are present in information. Property- the other ethical question lies in property and who owns given information. This includes the questions of just and fair prices for the exchange of the information, who owns the channel through which this information is transmitted and how it can be accessed. Accessibility- accessibility is concerned with the type of information a given organization or party has the right or privileges to obtain under given conditions. Use of intellectual property in the pharmaceutical Critics have pointed a finger at the unethical use of intellectual property in the pharmaceutical industry claiming it is being used to set prices far above what those in third world countries can afford. Given that a good number of the raw material came from these regions, it is unethical to use intellectual property

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