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1. The roles of the nurses in the Emergency Department: The nurses receive brief report from the paramedics and sign the report. Because the patients normally have multiple signs and symptoms, the ER nurses need to perform a focused assessment and head to toe assessment. They find out the causes of the chief complains and conduct several tests. The nurses ask pertinent questions in regard to additional signs and symptoms. In trauma, they perform immediate treatment and to prevent respiratory distress by following ABC’s rule. Since emergency rooms in the hospitals provide rapid care to the patients, the triage nurse is to select the patient who develops sudden and serious symptoms of disease. The triage nurses are a very…show more content…
He had had anxiety since then. Nursing Diagnosis: Anxiety related to the side effect of thyroid medication as evidenced by verbalizing “I feel shortness of breath, anxious, and palpitation after whenever I took my thyroid medication.” b. 15 years old female who complained of palpitation and nausea. She was brought to the Emergency Department by her mother. Prior to the admission, she smoked marijuana with her friends. She told the nurse that she did not know that she was not supposed to smoke them and its side effects. Nursing Diagnosis: Knowledge deficit related to side effects of marijuana as evidenced by verbalizing “I didn’t know that marijuana made me feel this way.” c. 34 years old male who complained of shortness of breath. He was obese and had a history of COPD. He was on two liters nasal cannula. After admitting at the ER, he was tranfered to med-surge floor for further evaluation. Nursing Diagnosis: Ineffective health maintenance related to lack of self-care as evidenced by being obese and continueing smoking. 5. Procedures performed a. Performing head to toe assessment b. Taking vital signs c. Priming the IV d. Applying 12 leads e. Applying in and out foley catheter f. Measuruing Orthostatic blood pressure g. Assisting nursing performing

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