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Kenya Bradley Kenya Bradley Before you begin, save this document to your computer. You will need to submit your answers in the area indicated below. | The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a national law that protects a patient’s rights to privacy. As a Medical Administrative Assistant, it is important for you to understand and uphold this law to protect your patients’ health information. In this assignment, you will practice applying HIPAA regulations. Click here to download the Personal Health Record (PHR) to answer the first three questions. | Tips for answering questions: * Read the question more than twice, if necessary, to make sure you understand what you are asked to do. * Find the key…show more content…
Moodey is not to discuss the patients lab results at all with anyone other than the patient because assistant are there to greet and make patient trust them to better help them with their needs. John should have been told that they contact him on his cell phone when the results are in but he needs to give personal information to see them on line. When the results come in Sally does not have to contact the patient because it is the patient job to make a appointment to rebook. | Question 2: Holly Valez called Dr. Moodey’s office on Monday morning to see when the paper work to release John to go back to work would be completed. Can Sally tell Holly when the forms will be ready to pick up? Explain briefly why or why not. | 10 points | Directions to complete Question 2: * Use short responses, in complete sentences with proper grammar and spelling * Length of response should be between 2 to 3 sentences per question. | Answer:Holly Valez called Dr. Moodey’s office Monday for the results for John but from my understanding that is not allowed being that confidentiality of personal information is not to be given out. How is not to tell anyone but the patient when the forms will be in. Answering the question no Holly is not allowed to give John information out not even the date without consent. | (See next page for part 3) Question 3: John was involved in an automobile accident and was taken to the Emergency Department by ambulance

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