Paper: Individual Cultural Disease

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Individual Cultural Disease Paper Abstract There are several diseases associated with some specific cultures, race or ethnicity. If we consider heart diseases only, then we can find a long list of diseases related to heart only. Each heart disease has specific symptoms that lead to its happening. The purpose of writing this essay is to explore social and cultural aspects of any disease related to a particular race or ethnicity. This essay explores the environmental factors, also social and cultural factors, which make athletes vulnerable to Hypertensive Heart Disease. In general athletes are thought to be free of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, but in actual they are at a higher risk of hypertension. Keywords: Hypertension, heart, diet, blood pressure, athlete, players Individual Cultural Disease Paper Heart Diseases are commonly found all over the world. Obese people and patients of blood pressure are more likely to suffer through diseases of heart. Researches show that many athletes suffer through heart diseases, particularly Hypertension. Swimmers, rowers, long-distance cyclists, cross country skiers and marathon runners, all are in the same boat. This essay describes the causes, environmental factors and various modes for the transmission of hypertension among athletes. Hypertensive Heart Disease (Hypertension) The Hypertensive Heart Disease is caused due to hypertension (high blood pressure) and it manifests as a coronary artery disease,
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