Paper: Lesson Plan on Geometric Shapes

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1.0 Abstract This paper examines a lesson plan on geometric shapes, and sets forth a sequential lesson plan to extend student learning and reinforce concepts. It pursues the question of what effective teaching entails. The study explores pedagogical concepts, and reviews instructional methods and learning principles. The paper summarizes the objectives of the ensuing lesson plan, and aligns educational goals with classroom activities. The lesson plan structures classroom activities and learning goals according to a five-E model: Engage, Explain, Extend, and Evaluate. 2.0 Introduction 2.1 Perspective Effective teaching requires a range of considerations. No one instructional method or characteristic trait translates into effective teaching. However, while no one grouping of procedures and traits or sequence of actions represents the pattern for every teacher who effectively helps students learn, many effective teachers share commonalities in their approach. One means to teaching effectively regards planning and setting learning goals and objectives. Many teachers have been effective in helping students learn by planning how they are going convey a educational lesson. By preparing objectives and goals for a lesson before delivering them, teachers are able to align goals with all activities, and substantiate the inclusion of an activity toward achieving a particular learning outcome. Furthermore, teachers can create lesson plans to specify goals and

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