Paper Maze Research Paper

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An activity for logic and planning could be paper mazes. The student would be given a pen and would have one try to get through the paper maze.
The children could play games such as freeze or musical chairs for self-regulation. These activities would be appropriate for the ages since at this age they have greater self-regulation skills. When playing musical chairs the children will walk around while the music plays, once the music stops they must sit down and freeze. This type of self-regulation activity focuses on mostly a physical aspect.

To help students retain things that need to be stored in long-term memory I would provide rehearsal and organizational activities (437). For example, if a student needed to learn the 50 states in the United States I would provide activities where they would rehearse over and over again to retain the information in long-term memory. For example, there is a song of the 50 states in alphabetical order. I could teach the students the song and have them sing it over and over again. To motivate them I could provide a prize to anyone that can recite all 50 states.
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With the deck of cards you would flip one card up every second. Telling the child to pay attention closely, they need to mark down on a piece of paper every time a black card surfaces. To determine how well they were paying attention you would divide what the student wrote down to how many black cards were in the deck. Selective attention improves between the ages of 6-10 (436). Therefore a child that is average in this category would do well at the
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