Paper On Antibiotic Resistance

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Antibiotic resistance

Key facts
• Antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest threats to global health, Food security and development.
• Antibiotic resistance can affect anyone of any race, size and gender.
• Antibiotic resistance takes place naturally, however misusing antibiotics can increase the process in animals and humans.
• Infections can become harder to treat due to antibiotics used to treat the infection or diseases have become less effective.

Antibiotics are used to treat and prevent bacterial infection. Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria no longer responds to the antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance is a big threat and is rising to dangerous levels in all parts of the world. This is creating a major problem because the
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Due to the referencing of one of the main causes of a super bug. In this source there is a clear explanation of the effect that antibiotic resistance causes and the increased risk that antibiotic resistance adds to the development of more untreatable infectious diseases. This information will be useful because the source gives clear information on antibiotic resistance and the effects that it can lead to. This source is secondary research. This is reliable because it is a fact sheet from the World Health Organization (WHO) website. “WHO” is a specialised agent of the United Nation that is concerned with the international public health. The article was written in 2016 and therefore has up to date information. It is also reliable because the author’s purpose in this article was to inform readers on what antibiotic resistance is and the risks that it brings to the world. This source will be of great use regarding my focus question because it gives good facts that will add good points in my essay. There are however a few limitations in this source. One being that the grammar and diction used in the source is not very scientific. In the source the reader is informed on antibiotic resistance and the risks that is brings however the source doesn’t go in to great detail of what these risks are and how severe the effect is which is another limitation in this
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