Paper On Beliefs And Culture

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Professor Chris Weaver

HUM 130-101

18 September 2014

Paper on Beliefs and Culture

I am an agnostic, meaning I am open to the existence of god or gods but I don’t affiliate with any religions. I haven’t always been though. I was born into a Christian family and raised going to church and being taught the Bible. But recently, I’ve gotten to thinking and just stepped outside the box to look at Christianity and what I’ve been taught. I found that the only real reason that I was a Christian and probably the only reason my parents and their parents were Christian was that they were born into that belief as part of their culture.
First, I wondered about the Christian story and its history. I looked at the proclaimed miracles in the
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Doesn’t that sound a lot more appealing than being some mundane action of a god to be used for general labor?
I looked at my own church and actually started processing all the stuff that my pastor was advocating. What he talked about was the superiority of man over woman, how they should submit to their husbands, how we are all going to hell except people who had already accepted God and were doing good works like preaching (he was saying that he was one of these chosen). I see all of these people proclaiming that we should do good works in order to get to heaven and I thought, “what about doing it because it is good.” I thought about how fear sets people in the path to religion and I figure that religion was also probably created out of fear, fear that death and consequently, life, are meaningless.
A look at history shows us that religion has always been decided by the majority. Way back when, wars would be fought and the losers would be assimilated into the winner’s culture, their religion, as a result of their land being taken and occupied. If I was born during the time of Greek or Roman rule when Pagan worship was still common, I probably would have taken that as my religion. But unlike in modern times I wouldn’t have switched to an agnostic mindset, like I have, because back then they didn’t have information as freely available to people and I would have never learned to think critically or have the means
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