Paper On Childhood Socialization

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While reading chapter 11, I found the topic of childhood socialization to be very interesting. Childhood socialization uses gender role biases to assert how a male or female child is to act in a society. Based on a person’s culture, one will teach their child certain aspects of gender roles that are specific to their societal values, attitudes, and motivations. In other words, a parent will raise their child based upon the societal norms of how a boy or girl is to act. For example, when one thinks of playing with toy dolls and nail painting, they assert those actions to activities done by girls. Also, actions such as playing video games and watching football are mostly seen as activities done by boys. With this being said, socialization and societal patterns inflict gender roles and child rearing. On another note, when people see children performing behaviors that are not specific to their gender it creates anomie. For instance, a fashion magazine did a cover of a mother playing with her toddler son who was wearing pink nail polish and a princess …show more content…

Growing up with an African background, childhood socialization became very important to my parents. Just like previous viewpoints of gender roles in America, my parents also believed that females were to be the ones to cook and clean. So many times, I found myself having to cook and clean with my mother while my 3 brothers got to sit around and play video games. This notion of childhood socialization (asserting gender specific roles to society) had me questioning why double standards were in place and why a person would be treated differently because of their gender. On a later note, when it came to punishments I was let off easier than my brothers because females were seen as needing more tender loving care. Today, since I was raised with set gender roles, I now also assert those same societal norms of how young boys and girls should

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