Paper On Cultural Identity

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Cultural identity is an individual’s self-perception of their identity. Cultural identity relates to one’s religion, nationality, gender, generation, etc. Some aspects of a person’s identity may be easily seen, however, some aspects lie deeper than skin color, accent, and clothing.
Sara Elizabeth Vanderburg is the name I was given at birth, a female of European decent, raised in the southern United States by conservative parents; it is easy to form a mental picture of what you may perceive me to look like. I love monograms and sweet tea, sitting on the porch, and the smell of freshly cut grass. My father raised me to cook and clean and always bring him his plate at dinner time. My mother raised me to ponder, question, and to be an independent person.
On the outside, I am white-ish. I actually hate the term, “white”. I am not
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She was kind and loving and treated everyone she saw as her own family. She passed away in 2006, it was sudden and unexpected and devastating to me. I still grieve her loss on a daily basis and have a huge void in my life. I try to fill this void with grandmotherly type figures. My husband’s grandmother reminds me so much of my gran and I just love her. I wish I could talk her into moving in with us, but I know she is too much Cajun for me to handle! I am the person I am today, because of my gran.
I hope I didn’t ramble on too much and that I covered enough aspects of my cultural identity; I could literally go on for many more pages, but I want to stay within the guidelines as much as possible. I tried to start this paper out as a traditional essay, but it became very personal. I realize that is the point of the assignment. However, it’s really difficult to write such a personal paper without using “I”, “me”, and “my”. I do appreciate the assignment and the opportunity to think about who I am and why. Personal reflection is an important thing we often forget to
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