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For my artist research paper I decided to write about Frida Kahlo. I decided to do a paper on her because I feel that she has a very interesting story to talk about. To begin with, Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderon, also known as Frida Kahlo, was born on July 6th of year 1907 at her parents’ house known as La Casa Azul(The Blue House) in a small town, Coyoacan, in the outside skirts of Mexico City. The Mexican Revolution began in the year of 1910. Kahlo later gave her birth date as July 7 of 1910 because she wanted her birth to coincide with the beginning of the Mexican Revolution. At the age of six, Frida caught a case of polio, known as an infectious disease. This disease left her right leg thinner than the left and for feeling insecure…show more content…
Frida was best known for her self-portraits. All she painted were self portraits because she said that she often felt alone. Her mom decided to have an easel made so Frida can paint in bed, while her father lends her a box of oil paints and brushes. The first painting she painted was in the year 1926 and was entitled Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress. This self portrait of her shows that she has a long narrowed face, long neck, and elongation of her hands recalls the Mannerist portraits of Bronzino. The turbulent waves in background give this painting a deep emotional turmoil. In this painting, some of the line work is bold, thick, and some that are flowing. The tone in this painting can be subtle. I think this is the tone because it is very hard to describe and figure out what Frida was feeling while she painted this. Most likely, she was feeling alone and depressed. Many of her paintings were a reference of her reproduction failure. The painting Henry Ford Hospital also known as The Flying Bed, was based on her first miscarriage in 1932.This painting is the most painful portrait she has painted. It is very descriptive because it shows herself laying on the bed bleeding. There were six images surrounding her body. On her lower abdomen by the umbilical cord looking red lines is the fetus of Dieguito. The snail on the upper right represents the horror of losing a baby slowly. Next, is the machine on the lower left, this symbolizes medical impersonality. The orchid is real and was actually a gift from Diego
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