Paper On Head Injury

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Head injury is defined as any shock to the head received in the skull, whatever its violence. Head injuries are very common. But those severe (brain damage) are rare and represent the first cause of death among 15-25 year olds. Head injuries are classified into 3 groups (low, moderate, severe) and require a different medical care.
1. What is it?
2. What do I feel?
3. What experts concerned?
4. What tests?
5. A little anatomy
6. What intracerebral lesions?
7. What complications?
8. What treatment?
9. What prevention?
Shell shock
Called concussion injuries which result from the disturbance in brain mass. It causes damage to the brain tissue and brain edema that are responsible for the initial coma whose evolution is variable:
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It may sit beside the point of impact in the event of a depressed (crushing of a part of the brain by a piece of skull) or away from the point of impact against because of sudden trauma (the brain, which is soft and slightly mobile in the skull, comes crashing against the skull away from the impact point).
Hematoma extra-dural (HED)
The epidural hematoma is a collection of blood between the dura and the skull. He sits very often (65% of cases) in temporoparietal (that is to say on the side of the head) because it is a weakness of physiological adhesion area between the dura and the skull.
Even moderate head trauma (fall from standing height) may give an epidural hematoma. Its installation method is progressive with a "free period" of a few hours (average 6h) which reflects the time required for the hematoma to be. This "free range" justifies the assumption of certain head injuries or clinical monitoring in hospitals for patients who apparently go well in the initial review (it makes no particular additional examination in addition to the patient outside to re-examine clinically regularly to verify the absence of occurrence of abnormalities on neurologic
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