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In the last few years of my life I began to experience migraines. At first, I assumed they were headaches. My knowledge of migraines was limited. I knew that my migraines begin as a mild pain in my forehead (a headache), and progress to pain on the sides of my head accompanied by intense throbbing. This pain causes me to have a sensitivity to light and sound, I cannot focus, and they usually last a matter of hours. Occasionally they are longer, as sometimes I will go to bed with a migraine and wake up with it still there.
As this pain progressed in intensity and length I decided it was time to do some research. I made a list of all of the things I wanted to learn. From that list, I was able to form my research question: Would I be able to lead a life where I could control or at least minimize my migraines? Later, I was able to form an answer: I cannot cure my migraines, but I can minimize their effects and frequency. I came to this conclusion by researching different migraine remedies and how they work.
My search was a new experience for me. I started by doing a Google search using the keywords “migraine causes”. In order to determine the best ways to treat a migraine, I first needed to discover why they happened to me. There were many Web sites maintained by medical professionals
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Remedies for migraines can go in any direction. My first finding was that many people take a natural approach with essential oils or vitamins. Rosemary, lavender, and peppermint oils have been shown to soothe migraines (Ahmed). Vitamins that have historically aided in migraines include: vitamin B2, magnesium, and turmeric curcumin. I originally came across turmeric curcumin pills while browsing Pinterest and found them through this research project. I decided to try out turmeric curcumin vitamins. The Turmeric for Health website states
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