Paper On Wireless Sensor Networking

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Amandeep Singh1, Sunny Behal et al. [18]: Wireless sensor networks is very important field in today’s technology and one may concern about the life time of sensors as they have no facility to change the battery of those sensors inside the field. Wireless Sensor Networks are prone to node failure due to power loss. In order to provide reliable service through the network, the network should be self-adjusting and must have adaptable properties as required from time to time. Here in this research we have proposed a new algorithm which is capable of not only to do optimize routing even with that it has the benefit to overcome through pits creating problem around the sink. In this research, we have investigated the impact of sink mobility on…show more content…
The collection of sensor nodes by enabling cooperation, coordination and collaboration among sensor nodes is formed Wireless Sensor Network (WSN); the WSN consists of multiple autonomous nodes with a base station.
I.F. Akyildiz et al. [21] performed a survey on WSNs in 2002. Previous works concentrate wired sensor network concepts and architecture. But, this paper described the concept of Wireless sensor networks which has been made viable by the convergence of MEMS Technology, wireless communications and digital electronics. Then, the communication architecture for sensor networks is outlined, and the algorithms and protocols developed for each layer in the literature are explored. In the future, this wide range of application areas will make sensor networks an integral part of our lives. F. L. Lewis et al. [22] conducted a review on wireless sensor networks in 2004. This paper performed a review on wireless sensor network technologies, protocols and applications. In future, conduct a review based on wireless sensor network routing techniques, power consumption techniques, IEEE standards and MAC protocols.
Jennifer Yick et al. [23] performed a survey on wireless sensor network in 2008. The goal of survey is to present a comprehensive review of the recent literature since the publication of [I.F. Akyildiz et al., A survey on sensor networks, IEEE Communications Magazine, 2002]. This paper summarized and compared different proposed designs,
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