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------------------------------------------------- BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS UCB: Managing Information for Globalization and Innovation ------------------------------------------------- BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS UCB: Managing Information for Globalization and Innovation BML 106 STUDENT NUMBER: 1108282 BML 106 STUDENT NUMBER: 1108282 CONTENTS Page 2: Company Background Page 3: Question 1 Page 4: Question 1 Page 5: Question 1& 2 Page 6: Question 2 Page 7: Question 2 & 3 Page 8: Question 3 & 4 Page 9: Question 4 Page 10: Question 4 Page 11: References & Bibliography BACKGROUND OF UCB Formally as Union Chimique Belge when it began in 1928, UCB was one of the largest…show more content…
| Choice | Centralized Database System-Centralized data system to help manage client’s information.-Helped track calls to centre.-Facilitates the company to accommodate more clients.-Helps support 200 other applications. | Implementation | -Putting the system in place across the whole help desk.-Chemicals using the system to provide technical support. | Evaluation | -High demand in the use of system for more applications.-Rapid regional expansionFigure2 Figure2 -Obtaining feedback and adjusting services accordingly.-Increasing levels of staff turnover | Intelligence: Starting in 1993, the helpdesk started off with paper, pencil and only one person dealing with 600 clients with only one language spoken. In 1998 the Belgian helpdesk consisted of 6 people speaking 2 different languages, covering 5 sites with 2,800 clients. The main problem facing UCB in regards to the helpdesk would be that the basic system they had in place makes it hard for them to keep track of the large number of client’s data and also the limited number of spoken languages makes it harder for them to meet expected standards as the typical call centre in Europe provided support with 7 to 10 spoken languages. Design: The centralized data system Anne Bellemans was working on provided different benefits for UCB. It allowed the help desk to easily access client’s details and track calls to the centre. With 2800 clients, it would

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