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Training curriculum Foundations of Criminal Justice System Professor William Bower November 27, 2011 Abstract This observations will present an in service core curriculum re-evaluating an argument on the procedure by which an investigative permit is required and released that gives emphasis to the Fourth Amendment needs. Also, the definition of probable cause and its principles in which it is assembled will be discussed. There are two kinds of investigation that do not necessitate a warrant which will also be enclosed in this paper as well as concentrating on a small number of enquiry such as What the underlying principle is for consenting to warrantless investigation, and if these rationale are influential, and whether or not all…show more content…
The court of appeal noted that while Cook denied the charges against her, she failed to present any evidence that the criminal charges had been terminated in her favour. The court of appeal also noted that the bank merely reported the monetary loss to the police department, which then conducted an independent investigation. The court found that Cook was unable to prove that her employer maliciously reported the alleged theft and therefore upheld the trial court's decision granting the employer's motion for summary judgment.”(Anonymous, 2010). Two types of Searches without Requirement of a Warrant The two kinds of investigation that does not necessitate a permit and that is used whenever there is an crisis position for example, as if an police officer witness a burglary of and begins to chase the offender to achieve an apprehension however the offender starts to run away and acquire protection in somebody’s personal home then law enforcement may undeniably go after the offender inside the persons home and do not require a search warrant to go into the personal house nor to look for and gather confirmation that is in unadorned view of the offender. Another incident that can overlook this is if a police officer hears somebody blaring for assistant or is under the certainty that somebody or their belongings is in forthcoming threat and enormous destruction would come to that individual if the instant

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