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An important social welfare demand is the establishment of efficient healthcare services to accommodate the demands of living in the modern era. Differences in socioeconomic status and existing health care policies contribute to the variation in care quality. Mosadeghrad (2014) noted that factors affecting health care quality can be evaluated using Donabedian measurement to assess technical quality, interpersonal quality, and amenities. Thomas (2014) stated that eliminating health care disparities and improvement of care quality requires changes in policies and legislation to meet the healthcare needs of the population.
The United States and Finland healthcare systems are described in this paper. Both countries strive to
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Administration by drafting legislation to repeal the ACA and replace it with the American Health Care Act (AHCA) which has not been favorable. Obama (2016) stated that implementation of the ACA led to a reduction of the uninsured rate by 43% despite limitation where 19 states did not expand the Medicaid program that will allow high-cost deduction and coverage of premium costs. An example is the Health Insurance Marketplace; it is an ACA forum that allows individuals to buy insurance plans based income and independent of employment status. Himmelstein & Woolhandler (2016) noted that federal funding and spending at an estimated 64% of the healthcare costs and expenditures at 17% GDP. Obama (2016) noted that ACA policies include amendments to reduce government spending, lower premiums, expand coverage and regulate health information technology standards, accountability, and insurance portability.

Finland Health Care System
Kilpelainen & et al. (2016) stated that Finland’s healthcare plan is based on a system that is publicly funded offering universal access to all residents through the use of municipal health centers and specialist providers. Riekkinen & et al. (2015) stated that Article 19 of the Constitution of Finland guarantees its constituents the right to indispensable care access publicly funded healthcare services. The authors noted that Finland’s public healthcare funding comes from municipal taxation and the

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