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Dr. Younkuk Choi's ECM Eyes
Current Medical News Commentaries
- Viewpoints from an Eight-Constitution Medicine Clinician -

한의사 최연국의 ECM Eyes
- 8체질임상의사의 안목 -

Around April of 2015, while I was preparing for the 50th anniversary of the introduction of eight-constitution medicine (ECM) and ECM academic seminar, I planned on making the Teacher’s Day event in May and ECM Day event in October, which I had previously attended with some colleagues, open to other interested fellow Korean Medicine (KM) doctors throughout Korea. As I began my preparations, I realized that KM college students, who represent future hope and are responsible for the next generation, showed less interest than expected and that, although they may
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In this manner, I wrote approximately 500 words each week for about two years and came up with the title “ECM Eyes” to reflect this insight of an ECM doctor. I began uploading my writing to two blog websites, for medical students and practitioners of ECM and for patients that provides basic information on clinics that study and practice ECM. I have also been contributing weekly to the Kakao Talk. (one of the most popular SNS platforms in Korea, ECM clinical study information chat room where approximately 170 medical students and physicians worldwide with a serious interest in ECM congregate). I have now compiled all of these writings as a collection (*As of summer 2017, I am also uploading short English introductions on and, the most popular social networking service [SNS] platforms worldwide).
With respect to commentaries about medical articles, translation and review of recommended books, and commentaries on phenomena related to “pyrologos” (火理: the principle of fire that can be viewed as the fundamental background philosophy in ECM), I combined the contents into Part I and made it freely accessible under the impression that such information could be helpful even to

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