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In the film Paper Planes, the director, Robert Connolly, creates the concept of beauty versus winning. The film Paper Planes tells the story of Dylan, a young boy who starts his journey off in Australia and on the way to becoming a Paper Plane Champion, discover friends, enemies, love and happiness. The director explores the concept of beauty versus winning through the relationships that Dylan has with others, through the characters and their influence on Dylan and finally through the metaphor/symbol of paper planes being the beauty in nature and life.

In the film Paper Planes, Robert Connolly explores the theme of beauty versus winning through the relationships that Dylan makes with his peers and family. The ugly relationships formed by Dylan and others are eventually turned into lively and healthy relationships. One of these sour
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The different characters had different effects on what Dylan thought or perceived. The character Kimmi, a Japanese contestant, believed in beauty rather than winning. While Jason, more of an arrogant boy who was also competing believed that winning was the only thing that mattered. Even though Jason had grown up in a well-off family he had the influence of his dad (Patrick) an international golf champion. These two character influence Dylan’s actions and behaviors toward the competition. In the beginning, Dylan eye winning was his goal so that he could connect with his dad ; but Dylan becomes friends with Kimmi. Kimmi thought the exact opposite of that, and throughout the movie, Kimmi’s beliefs rub off on Dylan. At the last moment, Dylan decides that he doesn't care about winning and that the beauty and life in his paper plane are more important. The beliefs and values of the different characters represent both beauty and life while the symbolism of the planes represents winning and
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