Paper Reduction

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The primary purpose of this research is to study and identify areas where paper reduction is beneficial. Paper usage in our office environment has become a large part of our budget. This study will reveal the cost, whether objective or subjective, for office paper products. This research provides a foundation for planning and developing a paperless environment in our organization. This research will provide us with a foundation for planning and developing procedures for implementing a paper less environment. Thus principal objectives of this project are: 1. To identify our paper flow 2. To reduce the usage of office paper products 3. To eliminate paper using low cost technology 4. Help to promotes…show more content…
The costs of printing, filing hours, storage containers, air conditioners, electricity, cleaning may easily surpass the cost of a new system. Conclusions and Recommendations A move to a paperless office will cut cost, improve efficiency, generate an awareness of environmental concerns; other benefits not included in this proposal are customer satisfaction, business continuity, growth of the firm, and improve staff retention. At the present state were are in, financial, decrease customer satisfaction, and trying to maintain exist documents, we can’t afford not to move forward. BACKGROUND SHOWING THE NEED FOR A CHANGE The growth of our business has created a challenge for us in maintaining our documents. Our document management inefficiencies was causing slow or no response time to customers, increase printing, increase office supplies, extra hour spent on handling documents, and the use of more space. The majority processing client’s information is based on manual files. The administration of such a system is difficult as it involved several hundreds of files which were kept in external storage. This paper-based processing and filing system has its extreme disadvantages, such as difficulty in locating and timely retrieval of files. Often, files were also misplaced. In addition, concurrent access to these files by two or more officers is not possible. As a result, the duration of processing customer’s request was often too long. For instance,
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